5 Signs Which Shows You Are Obese-Obesity


5 Signs Which Shows You Are Obese-Obesity: If you think you are more weight on the weighing machine, do you get fear that you are becoming obesity? Its ok if you are in a confused state that you have fat or obesity. Then you have to know more about the signs of obesity which clears your confusion.

Today in this world the major problem or most dangerous problem the people facing is obesity. According to a 2013 survey in the USA the adult obesity rate is 27.2, not only in adults but this problem is also heavier in kids. So in this article, you find some signs of obesity, so that you can prevent the obese to some extent.


5 Signs Which Shows You Are Obese-Obesity:

Sleeping Disorders:



This is the major problem nowadays we are facing. If you have a sleeping disorder this may lead to obesity, which will make you snore in the night. So if you having a sleeping disorder then you are at a risk of obesity.


Gasping for Breath:

When you run fast, climbs the stairs or if you perform any physical activity you feel like breathlessness. If this happens you are at risk of obese. Obesity causes gasping for breath in a lot of people. They hardly breath when they do labor work.




Depression also has a mutual relation with obesity. If you have some amount of fat and depressed so you are obese. So you feel some uncomfortable to meet new people and even to meet your friends. This may lead to depression.


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 Joint Pains:

This joint pains may be because of some other reasons, it might not be related with obese, but we find some people who are obese have joint pains, then the person with average weight. So if you are fat and finds any joint pain you are at a risk of obesity.



obese also have relationships with the tiredness. The people who have fat they feel over tiredness for doing small work. They always think they are tired of a little work. So if this happens you are at risk of obesity

Not only this five signs which show you are obese. There are some other signs which show the obesity like

  • Bulging of belly
  • Storage of heavy fat in hands and thighs
  • Prematuration of puberty
  • Storage of fat at the waist region


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If these signs are similar to your body, then you are at risk of obesity. If you got some points here to take proper action to prevent obesity.

“Prevention is better than cure”.


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