Best Health Tips Everyone Should Know

Best Health Tips Everyone Should Know


Best Health Tips Everyone Should Know

It seems like there is a new study of every day presenting scaring medical news. Figuring out how to stay healthy can be really stressful. Fortunately, there are a lot of simple ways to boost your health. Here are some best health tips everyone should know.

1. Sleeping on the left side:


You may not think it matters which side you laid when you go to bed, but studies have shown you better to sleep on the left side. This position improves blood flow to your organs, helping the spleen and intestine work more efficiently. This position helps to reduce heartburn. No one knows the exact reason for this, but hypothesis knows that left side sleeping keeps the junction between the stomach and esophagus above the level of gastric acid. It seems very hard but all people should prepare to sleep on the left side. This is one of the best health tips.

2. Avoid bright lights before bed:


You may like to relax before bed by reading on your tablet and surfing on the internet or updating your calendar on your phone. Unfortunately, even if these things or relaxing, it is the blue light produced by all electric devices. Any kind of bright lights at night, in the production of melatonin hormone that helps to sleep. Several studies have linked exposures to bright light at night to increase the risk of several forms of cancer, heart diseases, and obesity. Some preliminary pieces of evidence show that low melatonin hormone levels lead to cancer. If you like to read, a paper book is a good idea than an e-reader. If you want to use anti-glass which protect from blue light.

3. Playing video games:

You may hear that sitting on a chair and playing video games is unhealthy and doing so all day is downsides, but playing video games is also have health benefits. It reduces stress and depression and can even help to relieve physical pain. However this is another situation, you should still try to keep your screen time two hours a day or less.

4. Gardening reduces stress and depression:

Another good way to relieve stress involves getting down is gardening, that is one study in the Netherlands shows that gardening reduces stress even better than other relaxing activities like reading a book, spending time outside, away from digital devices, combat stress and attention free. Even reduces symptoms of depression growing health and fresh fruits that you can eat and growing up some vitamin-D from the sun or other benefits of the outer activity.

5. Yogic breathing:

Yoga breathing improves lung function and blood flow to the brain. Pranayama is a yoga breathing principle, yoga is healthy in general but if you don’t have time to do it you can do pranayama and get benefits from it. This technique brings more oxygen to blood and brain and can improve lung function.

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