About 2 billion people in the world either overweight or thin. However, there are also many people with the opposite problem of being too thin. Many health risks are at associated with being underweight. Some of them are low immunity, trouble fighting illness or diseases, vitamin deficiencies, development issues mostly in children and teenagers.
Fertility problems, irregular periods and increase the risk of amenorrhea, bone loss, anemia, kidney diseases, feeling tired and having low energy levels are some of the problems.

Researches also tell that there is an association between being underweight and depression and increase the risk of suicide. This is the concern because being underweight can be just as bad for your health as being obese.
A common mistake people make to attain gain weight is they eat a lot of foods that are high in calories but often no nutritional values. Unhealthy weight comes from processed, refined, packaged foods, added artificial sugars, sweets, and beverages, alcohol, eating very large meals only once or twice daily, snacking on junk foods like chips, sleeping less. Here are some some natural ways to gain weight.




One of the most basic things to do to gain weight is to eat more often. Five meals a day .these include high-quality protein, healthy fats, eating smaller meals throughout the day instead of a larger meal. Try to eat a snack before bed. Our body works hard to recover when we sleep. So having snacks of protein and carbohydrates can be beneficial. If you want to gain weight.


Having healthy snacks between meals will increase your daily calories count and get you protein and carbohydrates.
Some high protein snacks include nuts, vegetables, and seeds. Even choosing fruits as snacks also associated with low anxiety and emotional distress along with improved cognitive functions and energy levels. All of these factors help you to gain weight. Don’t go for empty calories when choosing snacks.


The foods that you want to eat to gain weight fast include healthy fats. Healthy fats that will help you to gain weight and muscle in a healthy way. Some of the best sources of these fats include olive oil, almonds, and nuts and then carbohydrates. To gain weight fast consume more free carbohydrates by adding them as snacks or between the meals. Some great source of carbohydrates includes root vegetables. That is very organic sources like complex carbohydrates and important nutrients like potatoes, sweet potatoes they provide fibers. Brown rice also a great source of carbohydrates.


Foods highest in calories and nutrients are those high in fats, nuts, peanuts, and butter. Oils are the great source of healthy fats, loaded with nutrients and calories. Animal fats provide nutrients and then some amount of calories.


Based on Healthline, exercises help for body fit. If you trying to gain weight fast with exercise. It comes down to choosing the correct type of exercise. That will help you to put on muscle without burning too many calories. Cardio workouts burn a lot of calories. So far cardio does the best training which involves exercising 90-100% of your maximum heart rate for 30-60 seconds and then resting for 30-60 seconds.
Focus on strength training which includes lifting weights, strengthening exercises. If you are underweight consult a physician for a medical condition.
these are some best natural ways to gain weight.This steps may help you how to gain weight fast.

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