Best yoga for flat stomach

Getting a flat tummy is one of the hardest things to achieve. Some people find gym work as the best thing to make their tummy flat, but yoga asana can be just as effective and improve your body shape. Here are  some best yoga for flat stomach. Do these simple asana every day.

Tadasana -Mountain Pose:




It is the perfect workup pose. It improves the blood circulation and prepares your body workout.

Stand with your feet flat, heels should be slightly spread out. Keep your hands on the side of the body. Stretch your hands to the front and bring your palms close to one another. Inhale and raise your folded hands up over your head by stretching your spine. Then do this by lifting your ankles for 30 seconds.


Bhujangasana -Cobra Pose:


Lie face down and spread your arms on floor stretch your legs back and slowly lift up your body, resting the palm on the floor like a cobra rising up. Stay in that position for a while and resume the previous position with face down.

Benefits of this asana are to helps relieve stress and fatigue, therapeutic for asthma.


Ustra-Camel Pose:


You have to kneel on the floor and arch your back. Touch and hold your heels with your hands. Hold this position for 1 minute.


Savasana-Corpse Pose:


Savasana is a relaxation pose. All you have to do is lie down on the floor. Place your legs and hands completely free. Breath slowly and try to focus on you. Do this asana for 1 minute.


Kumbhakasana-Plank Pose:


Lie face down and lift your body up and stay on forearms and legs. In this pose the belly becomes stiff . do this asana for 1 minute.


Dhanurasana-Bow Pose:


To perform bow pose lie face down and lift up both your hands and feet and hug your feet with your hands. Do this pose for 1 minute daily.



Sit straight in sukasana and place one palm on the floor sideways. Lift the other hand up and stretch and do vice versa.

Benefits of this asana calm the mind and strengthen back.

if you are obese , with the help of yoga obesity is reduced. also read best 5 ways for fast weight loss.






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