How to Boost Child’s Immune System

 There are many parents like who use to say that our kids are very weak, and they are growing very slowly maybe it is due to numerous diseases, that they usually suffer from. what are the problem that our kids suffer from infection, cold and cough so frequently we are fed up of giving medications to our kid’s, its all occur due to weakening the immune system of the kids.

When the kids use to play, and they remain active we use to think that they are perfectly fine, but their inner strength becomes dominant due to nutritional food and a healthy immune system. Now I’m going to give you some excellent tips that will help you to strengthen the immune system of your kids.

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How to Boost Child’s Immune System

1.Play Outside:

how to boost child's immune system

make your kids play for at least 1 to 2 hours per day outside, by this way, they got a good dose of healthy bacteria; moreover, the healthy bacteria already present inside their gut multiplies due to playing outside, which ultimately strengthens the immune system, and it is also known that the kid’s who use to play outside their homes for few hours remain infection and disease free so allow them to play outside a lot and encourage them for outside activities.


Vitamin D and Zinc are two crucial supplements which are freely available and are highly helpful in improving the immunity Expose your kid to the sun to the maximum.

Sunlight provides enough vitamin D, and it fulfills the daily requirement of vitamin D in the kids; similarly, Zinc is present in many food items such as oyster, cheese, cashew, almonds, dairy products, pumpkin, seeds watermelon seeds, cocoa, and dark chocolate. Try to include all these items in your kid’s diet and increase the amount of Zinc inside their food. 

3.Better Sleep:

how to boost child's immune system

Fix a sleeping schedule of your kids because it is known that in kids who use to get less sleep are more prone to get an infection as the WBC (germ-killing cells) are more active during night time, therefore ensure that your kid takes at least 8 to 10 hours sleep every night.

4.Tulsi (Basil):

how to boost child's immune system

Basil is not only famous for purifying the natural air as well as it also gives us the strength to fight with various diseases. Therefore always plant a basil plant in your home and give it to your kids every day.


Honey is an antibacterial and antiviral substance which contains numerous nutrients, therefore don’t forget to include Honey on your kid’s

6.Almonds and nuts:

Almonds and nuts are an excellent source of energy it contains, vitamins, minerals, and omega3 fatty acids abundantly, therefore give them nuts along with it, you can provide, Honey and basil mixture to your kids in winter daily.


how to boost child's immune system

It improves immunity along with it also fulfills the daily nutrients requirements in your kids.

Give your kids a habit of cleanliness, because it reduces extra pressure on the immune system and strengthens the immune system.

Therefore when they come back from the park, or even if they are sick, before meals after using toilets, ask them to wash their hands every time.

8. Avoid antibiotics:

how to boost child's immune system

 In recent times, everybody uses antibiotics, and excess of antibiotics weakens the immune system of your kids which leads to the reduced effect of the medicine on our body, therefore never force your kid’s pediatrician and also don’t pressurize them to prescribe antibiotics. In this way, the immunity of your kid will grow more energetic along with it.

Therefore never force pediatricians and never pressurize them for excessive medicines.

9.Yogurt :

Yogurt or curd contains probiotics which are very helpful in increasing the immunity of your kid, they protect our digestive tract and helps in digestion of food, in the removal of toxic substances from the stomach and even helpful in fighting with harmful bacterias, therefore, give them yogurt, every day in your kid’s diet.


especially don’t forget to feed Breast milk, which contains cells that improve immunity and white blood cells that fight with disease bacteria, that protect small kids from the disease like ear infection, UTI, allergies, diarrhea, pneumonia, meningitis and also helpful in brain development in kids.

Therefore if you are a new mother, make sure that you breastfeed your baby instead of packed milk.


 Whatever the kid eats, that helps in improving the immunity of the kid.Make sure that they do enough activities, but your kid must do physical activities so that their immunity stays for a longer period.

Few food items such as Garlic, mushrooms, Honey, basil nuts, fresh fruits, green vegetables feed them these substances every day, and in this way, the fighting with the power of the infection of your kids will remain active, if your kids hardly get any time to get outside the home, then practice exercise with them, your kids will get inspired by watching your exercise. Which are excessively helpful in increasing immunity, so cycling, running, and swimming is multiple exercises that improve the resistance of your kids.

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