Is Mastrubation Good For Your Body?

I think this the best question mark I have seen nowadays in young minds. So here I want to clear some of your doubts about Mastrubation.


Is Mastrubation Good For Your Body

Some of my students asked me questions like :
I. What happens if we do regular masturbation?
Nothing happens .if we regularly mastrubate, its good for health as an exercise for the body.
II. How many times we should do masturbation per week?
There is no count for it . if you get the mood just release out but don’t addict it.
III. Can mastrubation effects your Muscle gains.

Mastrubation and orgasm don’t affect the muscle gains. Does mastrubation effects the muscle gains.

Mastrubation Side Effects and Benefits:


90% of men and 72% women masturbate in their life. There are a lot of rumors about masturbation like if we do regular mastrubation we loss weight or loss muscle gains and cause infertility.

After masturbation Dopamine releases in the brain, which functions as the neurotransmitter and acts as motivation molecule. If you want to increase dopamine you have to do sex or masturbation is one of the methods. Endorphins also release which reduces pain and stress. They are natural pain and stress fighters. Endorphins with the help of hormone prolactin which releases in women helpful for sleep which like you exhausted so much need.

Does mastrubation cause prostate cancer?


No masturbation doesn’t cause prostate cancer. In some of the studies showed that prostate cancer can be cured with the help of masturbation. Prostate cancer can be reduced by high ejaculation and researchers hypothesise that increased ejaculation of masturbation helps to remove out carcinogenic secretion regularly in prostate and decrease in negative impact on body
If we do regular masturbation increases the sperms. so produce of new sperms occurs regularly, younger sperms have high energy than the older sperms.

Both men and women mastrubate can improve your sexual performance and pelvic floor muscles as we age this becomes inactive, but when we masturbate this muscles will be active and it’s the best exercise for your muscles.

Last but not least Mastrubation is safe and healthy activity. (note: anything too much for body is not good for health)

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