Does Mastrubation Effects The Muscle Gains

Does Mastrubation Effects The Muscle Gains

Does Mastrubation Effects The Muscle Gains



Mastrubation is the process which was done by males and females to get relaxed from sexual arousal. From teenage to elder age all the guys and girls masturbate themselves to get relax. Now a day’s most of the people are eager to know about mastrubation and does masturbation is good for your body? Mostly teenage have a lot of questions like this.

Due to development of technology and internet lot of people know about masturbation than the olden days. When a small boy or girl enters into the teenage they try to do masturbation. I think this is due to hormones. One of the known hormones is Testosterone which is an androgenic hormone. This hormone plays a crucial role in developing the male characters in the body.


Role of Testosterone in Mastrubation


Testosterone is also called an anabolic steroid. In males, testosterone is produced by the Testis and some amount is produced in adrenal glands.With the high levels of Testosterone, your body is developed to build muscles through muscle protein synthesis after stimulating workout. Testosterone is good for health which helps in developing bones strongly and also muscles. Masturbation and orgasm cause testosterone levels to decrease so that leads your muscles to become soft and it also increases insulin growth factors. Testosterone levels are most essential for your body fitness. Low levels of testosterone decrease the body growth and also level in the bedroom.

Boost Testosterone levels Naturally

Testosterone can boosted naturally. So much of medicines available in the market but the best way is to boost naturally without any side effects.

1.  Eat balanced Diet with fats and carbohydrates
2. Get better and relaxed sleep
3. Body fat should be low
4. Stress levels should  minimize.
5. Take some vitamin supplements like vitamin D


Finally what happens to body when you do Masturbation

After mastrubation the body becomes some heat and sweat comes from the body, dopamine decreases which acts as a motivator and also heat rate evaluated after few hours of orgasm an elevated even a higher workout after orgasm without orgasm.finally the levels of testosterone nonexistence or no change. So mastrubation and orgasm aren’t going to affect the muscle gain that almost all exercises increase the levels of testosterone.


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