In this post, you will find about Obesity Causes and effects, also find about  how to prevent the obesity. Have you ever faced problem with the obesity.

What is obesity?

Now a day’s weight of the body  or we can say obesity is a big problem not only in adults but also in children.70% of people are suffering from this obesity problem.
Obesity means an excess of fat content present in the body than the normal weight. It also means weight is present 20% or more than the Body mass index that is BMI.
When a person takes an excess of food into his body than the required amount it causes Obesity. This obesity is more common in nowadays in all the countries and lot of people are suffering from it even ladies also. The person who has more weight suffers from more extra diseases like High B.P, heart attack, diabetes etc..

Obesity Causes and effects of Obesity:

Recent days I found that, if any we on TV or internet we can see a lot of ads about obesity and exercises regarding the obesity. In olden days people used to do more work and ate according to the work done “Eat less work more” and they used to do a lot of hard work but in present days most people are habituated to do work less and eat more. This obesity is caused mainly due to the overheating of junk foods. Children are very eager to eat junk foods, ice creams, eating high calories food and less work leads to more gain of body weight. In some cases, genetic problems or genes may also lead to Obesity. Maybe a single gene or several genes may lead to the cause of obesity.


Some more reasons for the cause of obesity like people are habituated to luxurious life and more usage of cars, motor vehicles, bikes also leads to gain more weight. In some cases Income also plays a major role, for example, lower income women cannot afford money for the gym and this lead to gain weight. So in that cases, if we have to use home remedies for weight loss.


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Prevention of Obesity or weight loss:

Eat healthy food as your daily diet.
Reduce the eating of junk foods,
Do regular exercises which will kill the body fat .Read more for fast weight Loss



Preparing home remedies for weight loss like Green tea, apple cider, with Aloe Vera etc..
Drink more amount of water daily about 5 liters.
Avoid sugar-containing juices and oily foods.

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