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Ayurveda identifies eight different types of bodies that square measure susceptible to diseases. Out of those, an associate fat body is represented because of the one afflicted with the foremost diseases and troubles. The Ayurvedic approach is that the good answer to overweight as a result of Ayurveda doesn’t suggest any weight loss pills or quick weight loss programs. Ayurveda emphasizes a holistic answer that permits individuals to lose excess weight and keep it off, whereas additionally rising their overall health.



Overweight -Weight Loss Diet • Causes, effects of fatness

Ayurveda considers Overweight or fatness is generally found in individuals with preponderantly Kapha-type constitutions. fatness happens once excess fat builds up within the fatty tissue. This excess fat buildup is caused once an individual consumes additional calories at some point than that person is in a position to burn off. Overweight individuals are at risk for many diseases like thrombosis, high vital sign, diabetes, arthritis, gout, liver and gallbladder disorders.


Some of the foremost common symptoms of overweight :


Enlarged abdomen, waist, thighs, and/or buttocks
Saggy breasts (in women)
Since totally different individuals have weight issues for the various reason, Ayurvedic healing and weight loss are mostly done on a private level, with a concept being tailored to the individual. but there are some tips that address the basic way habits of just about everybody.

Given below are some tips applicable to individuals of all body varieties attempting to scale back and manage their weight.


There are 3 basic facts that ought to be unbroken in mind if you would like to stay your weight in check. They are:

I. Controlling feeding habits
II. Avoiding the causes of weight gain
III. Regular exercise.

Diet designing and Diet recommendations for weight loss

Crash diets are not an answer for long run weight loss. Therefore, if you’re determined to bring down your weight, realize an diet chart and a weight loss diet and follow it every single day. an Ayurvedic diet chart includes the subsequent guidelines:

==Increase usage of recent fruits and vegetables
==Decrease the usage of white loaves of bread and different processed foods
==Avoid intake of an excessive amount of salt
==Cook with spices like cayenne, turmeric, black pepper, ginger and common salt.
==Avoid refined sugars and effervescent drinks
==Fasting once during a week is incredibly effective. whereas abstinence you’ll have fruit or vegetable juices, heat skimmed milk, lightweight soups, teas, etc.
==Use oil in situ of butter or margarine
==Avoid milk product like cheese, butter etc. and non-vegetarian foods as they’re wealthy in fat.
==Mix one teaspoon of recent honey with the juice of half a lime during a glass of lukewarm water and take many times daily at regular    intervals.
==Avoid feeding meat product as they slow digestion and cause heaviness.

For reducing weight Dietary discipline and feeding habit to be developed

Eat a lightweight dinner with simple to digest foods. this could embody the subsequent
Whole grain bread or chapatis
Half boiled or steamed vegetables
Seasonal fruits except for banana and apple.

Eat the biggest meal of the day at lunch with a good sort of heat, boiled food. this could embody the following:
Salad of raw vegetables like carrot, beetroot, cucumber, cabbage etc…
Whole grain bread or whole wheat chappatis and a glass of milk
Roasted cumin seeds, green coriander leaves, a bit salt and a few grated gingers mixed within the milk.
Avoid water instantly before or once meals because it can slow digestion.
Do not overeat, particularly cold, oily and serious things.
void sleeping right once feeding.
Eat 4-5 smaller meals during a day instead of 2-3 larger meals.

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Change in life

Just modifying the diet alone isn’t an answer for fatness. A weight loss program needs an overall modification within the life variety of the person. Some changes needed within the life vogue square measure as follows:

Regular exercise may be a should keep up a healthy body. Walking is that the best exercise to start out with and will be followed by running,    swimming or athletics
Fasting once every week is taken into account extremely useful within the treatment of fleshiness.
Stress has to be reduced, as stress is usually the reason for dangerous feeding habits.
Avoid feeding late at midnight
Drink quandary often throughout the day

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